About Us

Managing Director Ayabulela Sihle Tshotyana founded SEO Africa in 2020 after successfully working with a variety of UK (United Kingdom) based businesses. It was then that he took on the opportunity to perfect his craft and expand his knowledge, so he could provide his clients here in Africa with the same quality SEO. He has supervised almost all phases of online marketing initiatives both technical and creative. Every one of his 35+ UK clients now ranks on the first page of Google. This was simply done by using their local primary targeted keywords to boost their reachability, grow leads, and increase online revenue with a positive return on marketing spend. As an SEO enthusiast, he acquired his skills through higher education with a number of degrees from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, and by heading a team set on designing cutting edge, performance-based SEO tools. 

Navigate Portfolio Growth

We help our clients create efficient SEO related resources where they will have the most impact on potential customers and the business performance overall.

Be A Driver Of Innovation

Our company culture is a combination of innovation and ambition. Driving innovation with ambition is what has got our company to the top, and is what we practice with our clients.

Consistency Is Key

We find the art of consistency a vital aspect of what keeps us going. SEO is an ongoing effort. In order to find the best SEO results, we focus on continuous efforts to keep you thriving.

Visualising Results

It’s easy to get caught up in all the moving parts. This is why we take time to constantly focus on our end goals and objectives to ensure we are always on the right path.

Redefining User Experience

We build brand platforms in which every interaction is a shared experience with your customers. We evaluate which interactions and experiences will deliver your best move, capturing the attention of potential customers and altering the competitive landscape. We design SEO strategies with a passion for distinctiveness and functionality.

Forming Strategic Partnerships

At SEO Africa, we take great pleasure in playing a part in your success. We know getting your message out there is a big job, full of challenges. Whether you run a business-to-business (B2B) operation or a business-to-consumer retail gig, you want to find your target audiences, and give them great content with the best strategies.

Create a Growth Roadmap

Supported by always-on customer understanding, our roadmaps help clients navigate short- and long-term change, creating a brand trajectory that includes gradual and bold moves.